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Scared of Not Having a Purpose? Pick Up the Shovel.

It seems bittersweet to question our own existence.

It is possible to look at what is happening around us at any moment and observe complex yet sensical systems.

People going to work. Cars driving by. Leaves flying in the wind. Spiders crawling around.

A fascinating display of matter in motion.

We are constantly learning more and more about how everything around us works.

Once upon a time, we were puzzled at the sun, the clouds, and rain. Now we are able to predict a person’s choice of ice cream flavour before they are consciously aware of it. We are getting really good at the “how” thing.

Then, we have why… why do we exist? It seems obvious from a biological and evolutionary perspective, but existentially it does not seem to sit quite right.

Perhaps it is a wrong question to ask, but since we are able to ask it we must pursue the answer.

Each and every one of us experiences reality from an egotistical lense, some of us have even gotten a glimpse at what’s beyond.

No matter how deep the explorations go, the answer seems further and further away.

Let us try to wrestle with the idea that we exist by accident and there is no inherent meaning or plan to any of our existence.

It makes total logical sense. Think of our distant ancestors — primitive apes with basic survival instincts.

Our senses, spatial awareness, and concept of self have evolved. We became so self-important, putting huge emotional and anticipatory importance to our current and future condition.

Diluting it purely to survival and procreation seems to make it simple, but the modern world makes us all feel confused, lost, and out of place.

We are all navigating a super outdated piece of hardware in an unsuitable environment, constantly fighting to recalibrate our body and mind to the changing reality.

How does one find purpose and meaning in a seemingly “non-important” universe?

I think there is beauty in emptiness and lack of existence.

There… right in the middle of nothingness, exists the opportunity to create something.

There… right in the middle of nothingness, exists the opportunity to create something. A purpose does not suddenly appear, manifest, or come into existence.

Just like one can plant a seed and grow a tree where there was once no tree, one can also plant a seed of purpose and vision.

Water it.

Protect it from danger.

Make sure hungry outside forces don’t take its fragile life away.

The first few months are the hardest, but with each day your tree of purpose grows stronger, bigger, and more self-sufficient.

What kind of purpose you plant is up to you, just decide.

And just like a tree evolves and changes with the seasons, so can your purpose.

Still, it is important to remember not to hope for a bird to fly by and accidentally drop a seed that may or may not grow into a tree.

Grab a shovel.

Escape distractions.

Begin digging.

ABOUT ME Yan Katcharovski (@yankatch) is a venture capitalist, business strategist, and mindset visionary. Starting his career in non-for-profit, Yan is a leader and influencer of positive change and impact in both organizations and individuals alike. His ventures focus on Edtech, eCommerce, Blockchain, Marketing, and Investing. Yan serves as CEO of Katch Media Group, a Toronto-based full-service marketing agency, which lead to co-founding Schoolio Learning Inc. and the Real Estate Wealth Lab. Yan also serves as the CMO of Meatsmith.

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