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Initiative — The Success Formula Nobody Speaks About

A senior citizen gets on the bus and all the seats are taken, are you the first person to stand up and offer your seat, or do you look around and wait for someone else to do it first? Do you spend your pastime with your friends the way you want to because you take initiative in the organization, or do you wait for your Friday night to be dictated by someone else?

I am absolutely OBSESSED with the topic of taking initiative and I firmly believe that mastering this trait will be THE biggest factor in your success.

Take a second to think about what you’re doing this very second… Where are you sitting? What are you wearing? Why are you here and not elsewhere? You are a by-product of all the decisions and actions you have taken until this moment. You COULD have made the decision to be elsewhere but you didn’t.

How does this relate to the topic of taking initiative? If you don’t take initiative, you’re just letting the waves of life take you and guide you… you’re not in control of your direction or destination.

Do you want to live your life in a constant passive state, constantly reacting and being influenced by factors around you? Probably not… you probably want to be in control of your life and live in a proactive state. DO NOT be a bystander of your life’s journey, take action.

Why do you not take initiative? Probably because you’re worried and scared about how others will react to your initiative - what others will think and say. If this is the case, you need to start cultivating confidence in your actions, and I have practical advice.

Cultivating Initiative: Start taking small tiny actions and REWARD YOURSELF GREATLY. Be PROUD OF YOURSELF, repeat the scenario in your head and keep telling yourself how good of an action that was — pay attention to how good you felt. Let that play over in your head and let it inspire you to take initiative again. BUILD confidence in your actions, whether it is bringing tea for a friend when they are sick or offering to clean the office with your boss 30 minutes after work and notice the difference that taking action makes in your life. Your friend will appreciate your care and will care for you the next time, your boss will trust and respect you more and is likely to reward you with growth and opportunities.

Take control of your life. Take Initiative. Go out there and do great things.

With love, Yan. ABOUT ME

Yan Katcharovski (@yankatch) is a venture capitalist, business strategist, and mindset visionary. Starting his career in non-for-profit, Yan is a leader and influencer of positive change and impact in both organizations and individuals alike. His ventures focus on Edtech, eCommerce, Blockchain, Marketing, and Investing. Yan serves as CEO of Katch Media Group, a Toronto-based full-service marketing agency, which lead to co-founding Schoolio Learning Inc. and the Real Estate Wealth Lab. Yan also serves as the CMO of Meatsmith.

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