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AI + Investment Decision Making

Which startups are more likely to succeed?

... or fail?

Can AI help us make better investment decisions?


The future of venture funding

We are researching and creating tools AI-powered tools that analyze and score ventures. We are enabling investors, accelerators, and entrepreneurs to make better investment decisions. Based in Lassonde School of Engineering, York University, our investor decision-making research started back in 2009.

What we do

Venture Scoring

Our flagship tool, the Critical Factor Assessment (CFA), has been used by academic institutes, governments, and private sectors to evaluate over 20,000 innovations

Investment Analysis

We develop custom data collection and processing solutions for organizations of any size. Establishing effective data pipelines enables the creation of unique investment analysis models

Success Prediction

Combining data, researched heuristics, and predictive models, we build models that predicts venture success across various factors. Such tools equip investors with top of the line tools

Research Team

We bring decades of experience in technology development, research, venture creation, commercialization and consulting

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