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Blending Technology & Business to Shape Tomorrow.


This is Yan

Welcome! I’m Yan, a Toronto-based Tech Product Manager, AI Researcher, and Entrepreneur with industry-spanning experience in start-ups and technical project management. My journey through developing and leading innovations in the tech space has been as challenging as it was thrilling, and it’s far from over. Dive in to explore my path, milestones, and the wisdom gleaned along the way.

Engineering  Artificial Intelligence 
Product Management 

 Innovation  Product Growth

Business Strategy    Startups   Leadership

Career Highlights

  1. Entrepreneurial Leadership & Product Management:
    • Conceptualized and executed diverse ventures including the development and deployment of Schoolio's online LMS platform and founding a successful eCommerce brand. Expertly led projects, managing all facets from inception to completion, including overseeing a transition to Google Cloud and leading software development projects for notable institutions like Sheridan College and the University of Toronto.

  2. Innovative Technical & Software Development Prowess:
    • Demonstrated a robust technical aptitude by spearheading software system creation featured on the Canadian Armed Forces portal and executing critical, high-value software delivery projects exceeding $2M. Managed and motivated teams of 10+ developers, translating intricate business requirements into developer tasks and driving best practices.

  3. Strategic Fundraising and Financial Acumen:
    • Successfully fundraised over $5M with Katch Media Group and forged lucrative partnerships, such as with Canada's Winter Snowboarding Olympic team. Managed substantial advertising budgets across ventures, tailoring growth campaigns for optimal ROI, and launched and exited an eCommerce brand.

  4. Cutting-edge AI Research and Development:
    • Conducted pioneering AI research under Dr. Andrew Maxwell’s mentorship, deploying 3 AI projects in production to catalyze transformative business changes. Recognized by top Google leaders for tech roadmap and AI ecosystem development, and employed data-driven strategies to enhance product features and UI/UX, significantly boosting conversion and retention metrics.

Projects &

Let’s dive into a tech adventure where my passion for pioneering projects and eclectic entrepreneurship take the lead! Buckle up, as we explore a landscape dotted with innovative ventures, splashy startups, and a trail of transformative solutions across the digital universe.

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